Dr. Arshi Rahul is a certified Dermo-Cosmetologist Trichologist and currently, a Laser expert in Pune, her vast experience in aesthetics medicine made her the best skin specialist in Pune today. She attends many conferences and seminars from time to time to keep her self-updated technology as well as knowledge-wise and arranges workshops for her team of doctors to upgrade their information and practice.

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How to Find Skin Specialist in Your City?

Changing your doctor for a general practitioner is a crucial narrative element in the tale of becoming an adult. Despite your reluctance to schedule your own doctor’s visits, you eventually come to terms with the fact that you need a primary care physician. So, why not have one made for the outside as well? Of…

Skin Care during Menstrual Cycle

Skin Care during Menstrual Cycle

As women, our bodies are in a perpetual state of modification. Similar to the phases of the moon, monthly as secretion levels and their permutations and mixtures – rise and fall, our moods to food decisions and everything in between vary too. One such evident modification happens within the condition of the skin throughout the month.…